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What are EnChroma lenses?

We’re proud to feature EnChroma glasses, whose lenses have patented colorblind lens technology to help people who have color vision problems. EnChroma lenses are crafted to stimulate the brain’s color processing center and to enhance color vision by selectively filtering light. This allows for increased contrast between red and green color signals in a way that helps the wearer experience more colorful vision.

Please note that EnChroma glasses will work best for those who experience partial color blindness, as they are designed more specifically for red-green color blindness for both outdoor and indoor purposes. EnChroma lenses are not typically designed for people with Tritan-type deficiency. More information is available on the EnChroma website

Please note: Our indoor lenses are tinted to approximately 35% darkness, which is a fixed percentage. 
Important: We cannot guarantee results across customer experiences.
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