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Lens Index (Thickness) Options

We offer multiple lens index options: 

Standard 1.5 Lenses: Made out of CR-39 plastic. Are available for free on all of our lens packages. Recommended for weak-to-moderate prescriptions (+/- 1.75).

Polycarbonate 1.59 Lenses: The most impact-resistant lenses for eyeglasses. They are 22% thinner than standard lenses and are recommended for children and sports, as well as prescriptions of +/- 4.00.

1.6 Index Lenses: High-index lenses are up to 25% thinner than standard lenses. Recommended for prescriptions of -4.00 to +3.00.

1.67 Index Lenses: Super thin lenses; are the ideal choice for strong prescriptions to keep things light & thin. Recommended for prescriptions of -8.00 to +6.00.

1.74 Index Lenses: Our ultra-thin lenses, are recommended for anything beyond. Available by contacting our Customer Care team after placing an order and depending on prescription eligibility.

Please note: The higher the index, the thinner the lens. 
Important: not all lens indexes will be available for all frames and prescription types.
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